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Making the Most out of a Beautiful Occasion


Matching the beauty of a wonderful event

There's a lot of important milestones in everyone's life. But there's few which match the significance of a wedding. It's a moment in time when two lives join together to face a wonderful future together. It's also a time when both people take a moment to get together with the most important people in their lives to show their appreciation for each other. The guests at a wedding are far more than simple witnesses to the event. They're a part of the proceedings due to the fact that it's all about bringing together the important things in life. Just as the people getting married are joining their future, they're also joining together the other important parts of their lives. And friends and family are obviously a very important part of everyone's life. But there's also a responsibility placed on guests when news of a wedding is announced. Guests have to consider what kind of gift will be appropriate for the event. It's important to consider just what the wedding means to the people involved. It's a chance for them to grow together from an amazing and beautiful celebration. This is one of the reasons why the gift of a flowering plant can be perfect. And a long lived, beautiful, tree is even more appropriate.


A gift that grows with the couple

An old tradition in Germany is called a "Hochzeitsbaum" or Hochzeitsgeschenk. A "Hochzeitsgeschenk" or a wedding gift, should be something that continues to give on a daily basis. Just as love is eternal, a gift should be around for a very long time as well. This makes something like a magnolia tree the perfect wedding gift. Like most trees, it's quite long lived. But there's other important aspects to the plant which make it the perfect wedding gift. The most important is that it excels in both natural perfume and beauty. A flowering magnolia is an amazing thrill for the senses. And when the couple sees it every day they'll be reminded of just how beautiful their love and their wedding is. 

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